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Six Steps to Help Artists Thrive as Entrepreneurs

For centuries, in many cultures, a career as an artist has centered on public performances, public exhibitions, and public perceptions of perfection and virtuosity. As artists we’ve hidden the thousands of hours spent perfecting our craft - practicing scales and technical exercises, honing control of every muscle in our bodies, building up layers on a canvas. You’ve probably heard the famous maxim, “How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Practice.” In the private space of studios, practice rooms, and rehearsal halls, we understand that practice means failing often and learning from those micro-mistakes, building your artistic practice and advancing your technique.

The skills of all artistic practices - that cycle of theory, discipline, reflection, and revision - are vital to business. Artists should claim the tools of entrepreneurship as their own.

Learn more in my article,"Six Steps to Help Artist Thrive as Entrepreneurs," which was featured in the November 28, 2021 Issue of the EIX Journal. This special issue (Issue #44) was focused on Arts Entrepreneurship and includes several articles which may be of interest.


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