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HAMILTON and Why it Matters

As a theatre producer and arts educator, I’ve lectured extensively on Hamilton: An American Musical (University of Missouri, UW Connects, Downtown Madison Rotary Club, Wisconsin Public Radio’s University of the Air, to name a few) and have taught credit students and lifelong learners in classes for the Department of Theatre and Drama and UW Continuing Studies at University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Hamilton: An American Musical tells the story of the founding of the country and the Revolution, while also commenting on contemporary issues in America today. With a soundtrack and script that fuses classical musical theatre and poetry with elements of popular music and hip hop, its storytelling both builds on the past and looks to the future. A cultural phenomenon that exemplifies the highest excellence in the genre, Hamilton appeals to a diverse audience far beyond the lights of Broadway and the success of the show is changing what theatre is being produced - what stories are being told and who is telling them.

In October 2020, I gave a Badger Talk about HAMILTON for University of Wisconsin-Madison’s UW Connects series. Learn more.


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