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The Impact of COVID-19 on the Arts

or at least that's what I'm calling this blog series right now...

I’m working on a series of posts where I’ll talk about how the wave of closures and cancellations is affecting arts organizations and artists, technicians, administrators, and staff.  Eventually I’ll come up with a catchier title for the series and spend days writing and rewriting every paragraph but there’s no use in agonizing over such things when we’re in a moment when the arts world as we know it has imploded in just a few days due to the global pandemic that is the coronavirus.

As concert halls, theaters, and museums around the world go dark, we all need to move quickly to ensure that when it’s finally safe to emerge from our lairs, we still have a cultural life left to go back to.”

Blog topics will  include: “Why you should donate your tickets rather than asking for a refund,” “Livestreaming: Making art, and money, during a shutdown,” “The Freelance Life,” and “What does the shutdown mean for arts organizations in Madison?”

Consider this article a primer (and catalyst) for upcoming conversations.  I don’t agree with everything in this particular essay but there’s a lot of food for thought to kick off the conversation.


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