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Blog Post #3:

UPDATE:  This effort has already past and as of March 24 had raised over $30,000 for the artists who contributed to the live stream festival.  Take a look at the website and project as a potential business model for in-person music festivals and concert series that have been postponed or cancelled due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Check out the Stay at Home Festival, live streamed music concerts by international artists, Friday 3/20 11 am CST through Sunday 3/22

Today’s “The Impact of COVID-19 on the Arts” post (#3) is sharing the innovative Stay at Home Festival which will livestream concerts via their website and @StayAtHomeFestival on Instagram. The lineup includes traditional and folks artists (Alasdair Fraser, Ruben Bada, Ana Rossi, and many more) from across the globe and was organized by Galen Fraser, Diego San Miguel, and María San Miguel, three artists currently residing in a state of quarantine in Valladolid, Spain. (They’re so on top of things the schedule even includes PST, EST, UK time, and Madrid time.). All proceeds benefit the artists who are performing.

From the website:

During all this chaos we bring you live broadcast music from your favorite international musicians straight to the comfort of your living room. Performances will be live streamed from the individual Instagram accounts of the artists as well as on this website. Follow us on Instagram @StayAtHomeFestival for updated artist roster and performance schedule!

Support live music

As the lives of touring musicians all over the globe become immensely complicated and stressful due to the Corona Virus, we have decided to take matters in to our own hands to raise moral and support live music by starting an online festival where groups or solo musicians can stream direct to peoples’ homes in an effort both to encourage people to stay in their houses to prevent further virus spread AND to give musicians an opportunity to make up for countless canceled events and lost incomes.

All donations go directly to the artists


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